Ordering Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface
The New Microsoft Surface
Microsoft has announced their newest product to order which is a touch screen of the iPad. Or so it may first seem before you look under the cover. The truth is, that Microsoft actually launched a tablet computer before Apple ever took the reigns. However it was a flop and was soon removed from the shelves. What Microsoft is doing here, is showing that they are able to build a worldclass product in an area where they have failed before. Although they do not want the Microsoft Surface to be compared to the iPad, it is very likely that that will be the case as Apple iPad is currently the market leader. The main difference between the two at present is that the Microsoft Surface has a keyboard and cover which is part of the tablet itself. In addition, Microsoft has made it very easy with their table to allow users to plugin their own accessories and USB devices. When it comes out, I will be sure to order one.