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Oculus Rift Launch Causing Controversy With Surprises

Man with Oculus Rift
Some surprises are due with the latest release
In what was meant to be an exciting launch for the guys over at Oculus, there were certain surprises and shock reverberating around the internet as several aspects sank in. The biggest surprise was the price. What was expected to be launched for around $350 has now almost doubled to $599. This is a major change not only because of the increase but also because of who the new target market appears to be. It is no longer aimed at any gamer, but now aimed at serious gamers who have much spare money to spend. In addition, the specs were released of the optimal PC to accompany it which caused displeasure when many realized that they didn't have enough power to run it at its capacity. The third shock was that what seems to be unnecessary components are included with the main hardware which many customers won't want. Also, that games will be sold at a similar expense to normal PC games. In all, it seems that the Oculus Rift is a great piece of equipment but will come at a cost which is likely to keep it out of the reach of the average consumer. This is NOT was expected before today. To get hold of the Oculus Rift, you can go directly to their website at where they will ship it to many countries around the world. Exciting times ahead...